A Stallion’s Stamina: Why Self-Care Will Better Your Sex Life

A Stallion’s Stamina: Why Self-Care Will Better Your Sex Life


In the last blog post we told you the definition of a stallion. We are also still using that piece of vocabulary in this post. With the definition of a stallion being a verile adult male horse, why wouldn’t we use it? It’s just too good not to use. 


But alas, we are going to give you another definition right now: Stamina.

The definition of stamina is the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort.


Why is stamina vital to great sex? What are ways to up your stamina if you struggle in that department? These are a few things that will be discussed in this post. 


Stamina is a key component to great sex. It not only makes sex more satisfying, but it prolongs intercourse. Allowing both partners to be equally satisfied.


For those who aren’t aware, the average woman can take as long as twenty minutes to orgasm. The average man typically takes between five and seven minutes to reach his orgasm (with delayed ejaculation this number can be higher).


Without stamina from both parties, the sexual pleasure lacks a balance. Often times one partner getting to receive an orgasm, and one partner helping the other to achieve this. Or one partner wanting more sexually than another is able to give. Over time, a lack of stamina in bed can kill the passion and relationship. This may lead partners to seek pleasure and satisfaction elsewhere.


With long work days, child care, aging or just living in the day and age we do (can anyone say the word ‘pandemic’) it’s no wonder many don’t have the stamina they once did or would like to have. 


But that doesn’t mean one’s stamina cannot be improved, or one cannot be given some tricks to help better their sex life in general.


Below we have some tips to help with stamina and amplifying one’s sex life: 


  1. SLEEPING: Resting one’s body is vital to one having stamina in bed. At the end of the day, not everyone has the same amount of stamina, and different people can handle more or less action and time in between the sheets. Sleep does help the body to physically, emotionally and sexually recharge. This allows a more even playing field between partners.
  2. EXERCISE: Men who work out and burn at least 200 calories per day have more stamina and have lower chances at becoming impotent over time in comparison to men who don’t exercise at all. Women exercising regularly can also help her sexual stamina -strengthening her pelvic floor and upping her flexibility levels to help lengthen her orgasm.
  3. AROUSAL OIL: For those who may be more out of shape, or just too tired with the perils of every day life, an arousal oil is an awesome trick to better one’s sex life. An arousal oil not only helps to arouse a person, but can speed up the process of having an orgasm. It can also help one to orgasm if orgasms do not come easy. If you don’t have stamina, the sooner you and your partner can orgasm, the sooner the intercourse is over. RODEO Intimates happens to have a great arousal oil! 
  4. TRYING NEW THINGS IN BED: When one lacks stamina or struggles to retain it, a tried and true practice of keeping one’s sex life satisfying and fresh is trying new things. Some things partners can try to spice up their sex lives and reignite desire in their partners? New positions, role play, talking dirty, spontaneous sex and additional foreplay (just to name a couple). Regularly having sex with your partner (even if one’s stamina is a bit lower) also can help bring back the fire in bed. After all, practice makes perfect. 
  5. MANAGE STRESS OR ANXIETY LEVELS When a partner is stressed or anxious, they are more distracted and may be less present during intercourse. This can actually affect how satisfying having sex is for both partners. A few ways partners can manage stress and anxiety are meditation, physical exercise, diet, communication about said stress or CBD gummies. RODEO Intimates has two incredible flavors of CBD gummies that help relax the body and alleviate anxiety before bed.
  6. DRINK LESS ALCOHOL: Before having sex, consuming an excess of alcohol may give you a temporary high or sexual boost, but shortly after can create erectile problems or make your genital numb. Alcohol can also make one fall asleep faster, before intercourse even comes into play.
  7. VITAMINS + STAMINA BOOSTING FOODS: Many are unaware that one can eat certain foods to increase one’s stamina or libido. One can also take vitamins to help in that department. Some foods to help men and women are bananas, figs, avocado, basil, garlic, onion and tomatoes (just to make a few). Some vitamins or herbs that help with stamina and one’s sex drive are vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Zinc, Maca root, ginkgo biloba and Magnesium. 


Hopefully after reading this you learned a bit more about stamina in bed, and may feel inspired to try some of these ideas to better your sex life. To be the amazing stallion for your partner.

With that being said.. enjoy the information, and enjoy your next RODEO time.