ACMELLA OLERACEA EXTRACT: How One Drink At The Cosmopolitan Hotel Inspired Anal Numbing Cream

ACMELLA OLERACEA EXTRACT: How One Drink At The Cosmopolitan Hotel Inspired Anal Numbing Cream

The year was 2017. It was a cowgirls trip to Vegas. A blond and a red head in dresses way too short, with cowboys eying them up and down. After hitting the club and dancing the night away, the cowgirls ditched the cowboys and headed up for a nightcap at the Chandelier Room in the Cosmopolitan hotel.

They tried an off menu drink that was promised to numb the tongue just enough to amplify the tastebuds.

A drink created by expert mixologist Mariena Mercer, once ordered the bartender gives specific instructions.

He will instruct you to sip the drink first. Than to eat the Szechuan flower bud (Acmella Oleracea), then, take another sip for an eclectic sensation of the taste buds.  First a numbed feeling (this cleanses the taste buds), than the entire drink flavor changing with each additional sip. Imagine a drink tasting spicy, than sweet, than sour.

The drink is shaken with Herradura Blanco Tequila (can be done with rum as well), Ginger Syrup, fresh lemon verbena leaves and Yuzu-Calamansi Sour Mix.

Fast forward five years. The redhead remained and blond was swapped with a brunette. But the drink was never forgotten.

RODEO Intimate’s chose to not use Benzocaine in our anal numbing cream. Benzocaine is a highly toxic chemical that causes averse side effects.

So when creating the custom formulations for RODEO Intimate products, there was a need for an all natural anesthetic for the anal numbing cream.

That red head remembered the unforgettable drink with the little flower that numbed her tongue. With a bit of research, the brunette found out the scientific name was Acmella Oleracea. That brunette did further research and found out it was available in an extract, could be added to the products and it wasn’t patented.

RODEO Intimates than immediately filed the patent to have this ingredient in our sexual wellness products. Setting us apart from any other all natural sexual well was brand on the market.

The all natural herbal anesthetic Acmella Oleracea Extract is a key ingredient in this product and works like nothing else.

If anal sex is your thing, RODEO Intimate’s anal numbing cream was specifically formulated for anal sex. This topical lotion works to numb the backside intimate areas for a smoother ride.

So the lesson of the day is.. if you ever have an unforgettable drink. You never know what that drink might inspire. One drink inspired anal numbing cream. Imagine the endless possibilities.

The red head and brunette are living proof.

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