F**k Cowboys: How To Identify them -Pt.  1

F**k Cowboys: How To Identify them -Pt. 1

Many people have heard the term f**k boy. Here at RODEO Intimate’s we prefer to use cowboy terminology (in case you haven’t already figured that out). So bare with us as we change the name from f**k boy to f**k cowboy. 


In this blog post we are going to discuss what an F Cowboy is, what makes an F Cowboy who they are and the signs to spot an F Cowboy.

For those who may not know, let’s explain what a f**k cowboy is. We can call it a F Cowboy if it makes you feel more comfortable, although you are currently on the blog of a website that sells luxury sexual wellness products. So there is that. 

Anyways, back to the business at hand. Or the blog at hand so to speak. 

An F Cowboy is a man who has no desire to ever commit. Often afraid to commit, or afraid of rejection. Sometimes one just has an inflated ego. They get off on having sex with multiple women at the same time, and see nothing wrong with it (our products are definitely useful for this type of cowboy). 

At the end of the day there isn’t anything wrong with it so to speak. Every person has the right to live life how they want. The preference or hope would be that nobody ends up hurt, but it’s neither one’s place or right to judge another for their life choices. 

Some may be wondering what makes an F Cowboy who he is? 

A few examples of things that can turn someone into an F Cowboy can be the following: 

-childhood trauma (abandonment or rejection from a parent, bullying from peers etc.) 

-a bad breakup (nasty divorce, losing self esteem in past relationship, abusive ex spouses) 

-past partners trying to trap them (exes doing whatever they could to lasso in the cowboy who wasn’t ready to or didn’t want to settle down with them)

-lower self esteem due to aging, financial woes or insecurities  

-having to prove something to themselves or others 

-afraid of their own strong emotions or feelings 

Now let’s talk about actions or words a F Cowboy does. 

An F Cowboy will tell his cowboy or cowgirl whatever he/she wants to hear to get them into bed. Often times the Cowboy or cowgirl they are seeing isn’t aware of this at first.  An F Cowboy may play the role of partner in a relationship to an extent (often times they can’t keep up the illusion long). You may see them once a week or every two weeks -in some cases twice a week.. but never on a daily basis (because they are most likely rotating in and out multiple partners). Other times they are just a good-time guy.. good for dinners or drinks and a good f**k. 

F Cowboys will be speaking to multiple women or men at the same time and even while with another woman/men. Hiding their phones at an angle so they think you can’t see. Constantly planning the next tryst while with a current lover. Never satisfied and always after the next hit. 

The big question may be.. well wouldn’t this get old after a while? The answer ultimately is.. yes. But an F Cowboy can go years (over a decade) with this lifestyle. Ultimately it’s a power trip with a dose of narcissism. The more women one has validating their sexuality, the more powerful they feel. The more powerful they feel, the less amount of time they have to focus on their own fears or insecurities. 

But after a while, as the F Cowboy gets older.. he ages, his physical appearance declines, his stamina weakens.. and his constant rotation of cowgirls or cowboys begins to dwindle. Until one day that F Cowboy is alone with his feelings and has to actually face them. 

Every cowgirl or cowboy makes a conscious choice to be in a situation or arrangement with an F Cowboy. It all comes down to how long one will stay, and how satisfied they are.

The questions we now leave you with are: Do you have an F Cowboy in your life? Is the sex good enough to get you to stay? Or are you a cowgirl or cowboy who eventually wants more in life? 

In the next blog post we will discuss the signs for an F Cowboy to know when one of his cowgirls or cowboys is going to leave, and potential solutions to lasso them back in.

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