F**k Cowboys: How To Know When Cowgirl’s and Cowboy’s Are About To Move On In Life -Pt 2

F**k Cowboys: How To Know When Cowgirl’s and Cowboy’s Are About To Move On In Life -Pt 2


A bit of recap from the last blog on what a F**k Cowboy or F Cowboy is: 

An F Cowboy is a man who has no desire to ever commit. Often afraid to commit, or afraid of rejection. Sometimes one just has an inflated ego. They get off on having sex with multiple women at the same time, and see nothing wrong with it (our products are definitely useful for this type of cowboy). 

In this follow up blog post to the last blog published, we are going to discuss the signs an F Cowboy should look for when their cowboy or cowgirl is about to leave them, and potential (non-guaranteed) solutions on how to re-lasso in their cowgirls or cowboys for the long haul. 

Okay okay, now that we remember what an F Cowboy is.. let’s give some insight to those F Cowboy’s out there who may be reading this. If you have a current handful of partners, often times there is one or two you might actually have a strong or real connection with (and not just a sexual connection). Often times those cowgirls or cowboys may actually also have feelings for the F Cowboy. 

The problem at hand, is that once an F Cowboy’s Cowboy or Cowgirl knows there is no future.. if it’s a future they want, they will begin to do two things: seek out another partner who can provide a real relationship (or at least more than a fuck boy), or begin making arrangements to leave -knowing they deserve better. This moment usually comes when they either fall out of love, or are afraid of getting more attached or hurt further.

What are some of the signs a Cowboy or Cowgirl is ready to move on from their F Cowboy? 


-distracted, or less attention given to F Cowboy (because they are tired of not being treated right or given what they want or deserve)

-casually bringing up exes or other partners or “friends” (mostly because they want the F Cowboy to know that others do despite them and they have options)

-bringing up the future and plans or dreams (Hoping that the F Cowboy will take a hint that they actually want them to get it together and be there) 

-going radio silent in between seeing the F Cowboy (because they are either with another partner or getting things together to leave)

-attempting to make things work or communicating more (as last effort to try to get the F Cowboy to commit or see them as more than a casual thing)

-doing more independent projects or hobbies in life that give validation (this helps one see their worth and get out) 

Okay okay.. so now for the grand finale. For the F Cowboy’s who may be reading this and actually want to keep their cowboy or cowgirl in their lives.. here are a few things you can do that may help (no guarantees though) 

-make sure you bring your A game to bed. If a cowgirl or cowgirl got into an arrangement with an F Cowboy, it’s for the sex. So if you can’t perform, it’s over. No suggestions will help. 

-level up and get rid of the other cowboys and cowgirls. Choose that one cowgirl or cowboy who will be there through the thick and thin (not just as long as your wallet is flowing with cash, you are young with stamina or through the moments with no stress) 

-treat your cowboy or cowgirl right. The second you begin to lash out or mistreat them, is the moment that distance is slowly brought in 

-express your feelings and emotions to them. If you aren’t sure how your cowboy or cowgirl feels, look at their actions. Are they the actions of someone who cares about or loves you? Or the actions of someone using you. 

-suck up your ego, grow up and face your commitment issues. In life, there are cowboys and cowgirls who are worth settling down with 

-if you do have to have variety, bring up the subject of an open relationship or a relationship with special conditions on sharing partners

At the end of the day these are just suggestions. If you are an F Cowboy who isn’t ready to stop living their lifestyle the way it currently is, RODEO Intimate’s has multiple products to help contribute to an active sex life.

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