Let's Get It ON With RODEO

Let's Get It ON With RODEO

Marvin Gaye said it best.. 


The “Let’s Get it on” album was released on August 28, 1973 as the thirteenth studio album of soul singer Marvin Gaye. 

Forty nine years have passed, but this saying could not ring more true in the year 2022. 

Let’s be honest, after being quarantined and battling a pandemic, hormones are raging.. and people want sex. They want intimacy.. They want to get it on. 

Intercourse, intimacy, making love, banging, getting it on, hooking up, doing it, penetration.. are all terminology.. for well SEX. 

But let’s talk about a few things that make the action of sex more enjoyable, and let’s start with a few ways people turn their partners on. 

Are you someone who turns your partner on when you talk dirty to them? Perhaps you are aroused by foreplay and the tease? Maybe you enjoy sensual products that raise your libido? Or are you that person who see’s your partner and lust consumes you.. going directly in for the kill (sex)? 

Talking dirty.. 

“Hey babe” 

“Please me” 

“Are you a dirty man? I like when you’re dirty” 

“I want you now”

“You turn me on so much it hurts” 

“I’m so damn wet for you” 

“Baby.. you get me so turned on” 

“Your body is everything” 

These are just a few lines from eight anonymous people who shared a few lines in how they talk dirty with their partners -and the words that arouse each other. 

Not everyone gets turned on by talking dirty though.. 

Some enjoy the foreplay and tease.. backing their partner up against a wall.. slowly caressing their neck with their tongue. Coming up behind their partner so their arousal is felt. Taking one’s arm and leading them to the bedroom.. or touch.. from taking one’s hand or tongue to the most intimate of places, and using one’s actions to say “I’m turned on by you and want sex”. 

What about those intimate products that enhance intercourse as a whole..? The lube that helps one slide right in.. increasing the libido and amount of slick wet fluids for a perfect execution? What about an arousal oil with hand selected herbs that actually turn one on more? Giving one a sensation like no other. How about an anal numbing cream with a natural anesthetic that doesn’t cause cancer? What if we said that Rodeo Intimates had all three.. and that they also contained CBD, CBG and CBN for the most potent and sensual sexual experience? 

Well.. Rodeo Intimate’s does, and the products are tagged underneath this article. 

Lastly, could you be the person who is so turned on by their partner, they can’t wait for foreplay.. skipping all the bases until they slide into home plate? If so -good for you. To have a partner that arouses you so much you can’t keep your hands off them something many would wish for. 

Whatever your preference is for sex, the foreplay or technique during intercourse.. enjoy it to the fullest. If you need recommendations for intimate products, we are here to help at Rodeo Intimates. 

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