The STALLION: Why Some Cowgirls and Cowboys Need To Be Lassoed By An Even Stronger Cowboy

The STALLION: Why Some Cowgirls and Cowboys Need To Be Lassoed By An Even Stronger Cowboy

 When one seeks a partner, in life or in bed, being strong or solid is definitely a trait that many find attractive. One could also place the word ‘hard’ in this category. 

Everyone wants a stallion that can get a hard-on (but if that’s an issue our arousal oil and gummy’s can help with the arousing process). 


The proper definition of a stallion is a verile adult male horse.


But the strong or solid we are speaking about, is actually a mix of confidence and dominant traits. Someone who knows what they want, fights for it (or her/him) and won’t back down. Someone who can take control without being controlling. 


When we speak about the cowgirls and cowboys who are turned on by the notion of being lassoed (not referencing all people), we are discussing the free spirits who feel a need to be tamed. The wild ones with swirling storms inside. Those forces that only a stronger partner can contain or calm. Because without being tamed, these people may eventually feel a need to move on to a stronger partner (a stallion so to speak) who can fulfill their desires.


The question may arise at why a more dominant cowboy (a stallion) is the answer to lassoing in some cowboys and cowgirls. 


The answer..? If a stronger person can harness that primal energy, they can can channel it into something productive such as sex, work or simply helping to encourage their partner to pursue a passion or hobby. Eliminating raging emotional rollercoasters, fights and passion filled blow outs. 


Free spirits will wander the earth until they find what they are looking for. 


Here are six suggestions on how someone can tame a partner’s feral energy and lasso them in for the long haul:


#1 If you have a free spirit as a partner, make sure you are taking care of them in bed. Make sure their needs are met sexually and they are getting enough of what they want intimately. If they tell you what they like in bed, or how they like to be pleased, listen and give them that pleasure. Otherwise they will seek other partners, who will please them sexually.


#2 If you aren’t sure where you stand with someone, communicate. A wild cowgirl or cowboy does not want to feel trapped or silenced. The second they feel they have no voice or are stuck, they will get antsy like a wild animal who is contained. 


#3 Tell them what you want. Either in a relationship or in the moment. Everyone has a different way of doing things. Whether it be direct dirty talk, giving orders (playfully), or saying I want you. This is a turn on. The biggest turn on for a wild cowgirl or cowboy is knowing they are valued and wanted. The second they feel they aren’t, they are gone. 


#4 Show the traits of being someone who is fearless and will fight for them. Whether you demonstrate this with them or they see you demonstrate this elsewhere. There is a difference between fighting with someone or for someone. The second you give up on things in life, is the second a partner will think you aren’t going to be long term material 


#5 Treat your cowgirl or cowboy with respect at all times. The second you don’t, they will look elsewhere. Often times when you treat a wild cowgirl or cowboy right, they are more than happy to reward that behavior.


#6 Last but not least, decide what you want in life. If you are flip flopping between decisions or partners and have no idea what you want, the cowgirl or cowboy you are with will be doing the same. If you want someone to stay, you need to show them that you are going to stay too. Otherwise, enjoy the moment but prepare for an eventual departure. 


With that being said, we hope this helps!