Three Foods To Avoid Eating To Make Your Cowboy  Taste Better( PT2)

Three Foods To Avoid Eating To Make Your Cowboy Taste Better( PT2)

In our last blog post we listed three foods a cowboy can eat to make their semen taste better. In this post we are going to list three type of foods for a cowboy to avoid to also make his semen taste better. Yes, there is in fact many things you can eat and not eat to have a tastier experience while taking a trip down under. 

Let’s once again get down to the nitty gritty here -this post is going to talk about foods men can avoid eating to make their semen taste less bitter. If this is something you are interested in learning about, read on. If this post may be a bit “too much” for you, we have plenty of other blog posts you can read and catch up on in the RODEO Talk section of the website. 

For those who love to please their cowboys, but do not enjoy the taste. Here is three foods to get your cowboy to avoid eating and alleviate extra bitterness in semen.

1)    Red Meat:

An excess of red meat can create a salty and incredibly sharp taste in the semen. Not only that, but red meat is not good for male fertility as it affects the shape and size makeup of a sperm’s cell structure (sperm morphology).

 2)    Dairy:

Dairy has a higher level of bacterial putrefaction. This adds to the salty or bitter flavor associated with sperm.

 3)    Smelly Produce/ Herbs:

Any kind of vegetables that are naturally odorous or produce gas: asparagus, cabbage, onions etc. Or any strong smelling spices like garlic will affect not just the smell but the taste of your semen. A rule of thumb should be to avoid all strong smelling herbs, spices and produce. Think to yourself.. if I wouldn’t want my breath to smell bad when I kiss my cowgirl/cowboy on the lips, the same would go for kissing down below.

Now that you have this list, we only have one question left. Are you going to have your cowboy avoid these foods?