Three Foods To Make Your Cowboy Taste Better (PT 1)

Three Foods To Make Your Cowboy Taste Better (PT 1)

 Let’s get down to the nitty gritty here -this post is going to talk about foods men can eat to make their semen taste less bitter. If this is something you are interested in learning about, read on. If this post may be a bit “too much” for you, we have plenty of other blog posts you can read and catch up on in the RODEO Talk section of the website.


Some cowgirls and cowboys naturally enjoy going down on their cowboy. They like to please him. It turns them on when they are able to make their cowboy hard by touching him with their hands, tongue and mouth. The harder the erection, the more accomplished they feel, as well as the more of their own hormones release.


But out of those same cowboys and cowgirls, some just don’t like the taste of semen. The truth is that semen is incredibly bitter and has a naturally pungent taste to it. Pre-cum isn’t as potent, but the actual semen just doesn’t taste good.


If you are a cowboy or cowgirl who doesn’t like the taste of your cowboy’s semen, we compiled a list of three foods to help balance out the flavor so to speak.


Three Foods To Make Semen Taste Better


1)    Pineapple:

Pineapple is incredibly acidic, and can help cut down the bitterness. The PH balance of semen is alkaline, so eating acidic fruits will bring sweetness. Pineapple has the strongest acidity levels of acidic fruit, so it works the best.


2)    Cranberries/ Cranberry Juice:

Cranberry juice is not just for women and treating UTIs. Cranberry juice helps men balance out their acidic levels in semen, and it can reduce the saltiness taste that comes with semen. Yes, not only is semen acidic tasting, but it can also taste quite salty!


3)    Celery:

Celery has a high vitamin c count which helps to flush out the saltiness/bitter flavor of semen.


Now that you have this list, we only have one question left. Are you going to have your cowboy try these foods?