When you've roped them in, RODEO

When you've roped them in, RODEO

We spoke on foreplay and getting it on in the last blog post.

In this blog post we are going to touch base on roping them in, or sealing the deal so to speak. Here are a few different places where people may be in life, and options on how to adapt based on where they are at.

It all begins with the outcome you want.
Do you want a one night stand? Do you want to casually date multiple people and have them on rotation for variety? Do you want a relationship? Or are you one of those people who doesn’t know what they want?

Let’s talk one night stands. No emotional connection. Purely physical. Never have to see the person again. Eliminating the chance of getting hurt, while allowing yourself to get off. The easiest way to rope someone in is if they want the same thing. If you target another person who wants an identical outcome, in some cases it may even take just drinks, or a little smooth talking if that’s more your style.

Raise your hand if you are one of those fine gentlemen or women who are perpetual casual daters, the Mr. Biggs or Samantha Jones’s so to speak: a person who will have different partners on orbit at all times, never able to commit to one person even when the right person comes along.  Is there an inability to fully commit because you never want to be tied down, or some other reason you might be too scared to face? This one takes a bit more finesse to rope partners in. Often because of three reasons: 1) the partners constantly need to be replaced once they realize you don’t eventually want a relationship 2) it takes more effort to balance multiple people  (schedule wise and story wise) 3) with multiple partners comes more drama. So what’s the answer on how to rope them in? Being upfront in saying exactly what you want and don’t want. Of course, your options will be slimmer, but the rotation of partners will be switched out less. Current partners won’t have an issue, as they all know everyone is content on getting around. They just don’t bring it up. 

Who out there are the single ladies and gentlemen ready to settle down? This one is for you. If you want an easy way to rope someone in, choose someone who also wants to settle down. This can be done via matchmaking, church or by just being honest on a dating app before meeting. That message of saying what you want?  Yup, it will weed out the casual daters and one night stands very quickly.

But if you want to tie down someone who doesn’t want to be tied down, it’s going to take patience and time. Also, your odds will increase dramatically with really, really great sex (our products linked at the bottom can help with that!). To rope them in, you make yourself invaluable, not just in bed, but in their lives. Also, don’t make yourself so available. Go out and live your life. Create options for yourself - this makes you more desirable, and if it doesn’t work out, you can have an entirely different plan or partner ready and designated for yourself.

Last but not least, who out there has absolutely no idea what they want in life?  You aren’t alone, and nothing is wrong with that. Most likely as this person you fall into one or more of the above categories. Let’s talk through this: if you are chasing someone who doesn’t know what they want, how do you rope them in? You show them what they should want. Meaning, a person who doesn’t know what they want is the hardest person to rope in, tie down or seal the deal. Oftentimes those who claim not to know what they want actually do know what they want. They just refuse to settle. Your job is to figure out what they want and in a timely manner. And be that. Be irreplaceable.

Whether you are one night stand person, a casual dater, you want a relationship, or you don’t know why you want, one essential move you can make is to come shop at Rodeo Intimates and rope in really great intimacy products to amplify your sex life. #LetsRodeo