WHISKEY DICK: How To Prevent Your Cowboy From Being Afflicted

WHISKEY DICK: How To Prevent Your Cowboy From Being Afflicted

Whiskey Dick. Many have never heard this terminology but have experienced this affliction either themselves, or with their cowboy. What is Whiskey Dick? Whiskey Dick is when one consumes too much alcohol and struggles to both get an erection and to orgasm. Essentially, a limp dick.

 Alcohol can be a great ice breaker or way to relax a cowboy enough to get it on, but consuming too much alcohol can actually slow the speed of thought process in one’s brain, make it more difficult to focus and affect one’s coordination negatively. Drinking an excess of alcohol can also bring an increase in the hormone angiotensin and decrease blood flow to the penis -hence leading to a “whiskey dick”.

During the arousal process, when blood flows to the genitals, it causes them to self-lubricate and to swell (in preparation for sex). An over consumption of alcohol actually interferes with this and can inhibit a cowboy (or cowgirl) from getting wet naturally. RODEO Intimates has an incredible Libido Lubricant which will help with this process immensely. One can also struggle to get to the amazing orgasm when intoxicated (alcohol can make it take more time to get to the orgasm, as well as make the sensation less intense). RODEO Intimate’s Arousal oil can help in that department if one is struggling to orgasm.

So now that we have listed all the ways that too much alcohol consumption can affect your sex life negatively, lets turn this positive and talk about some strategic prevention methods that can alleviate this affliction.


5 Ways To Prevent WHISKEY DICK :


1)    Eat before you drink alcohol. Consuming alcohol on an empty stomach will make one intoxicated much faster.

2)    Don’t combine drugs with alcohol. Everybody is different, but combining multiple substances can amplify one’s intoxication

3)    Stay Hydrated between drinks. Make sure to drink plenty of water while consuming alcohol, as this will help filter it out of your system.

4)    Be conscious of how much you drink. EVERY person has a different tolerance level.

5)    If tired, drink less. Exhaustion and alcohol are an awful mix that can easily lead to Whiskey Dick and erectile disfunction.


Now that you are educated on what WHISKEY DICK is, the two questions we leave you with are:

Have you or your partner ever been afflicted with it? If so, are you now going to try to prevent it from happening again?


Whatever your answer may be, we hope you guys enjoy getting it on in your next RODEO.